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It's true

Well, here I am, in a mall, drinking a coffee and a Schweppes, which means I'm alive, thankfully. It's a great day today, a paycheck, great weather, friday. Can't you see I'm writing a blog post?!

I'm in a great mood. Life is going better after outlawing every obstacle I've found. Sometimes, these obstacles made me numb, but other thing, for that matter, increases rage in me.

I'm working, as hard as I can, to bring my future self some happines. Is it worth it, I'm asked sometimes. It depends. Do you want to live or survive?

I'm trying to do both, which highly increases my stress. Am I doing everything for cash? Not a chance. I've had a black amount of bucks back then, so I experienced what I wanted, now it's time to return myself.


I've spent ten-day in Jan/Feb of 2017, while traveling and exploring Switzerland. I've visited Munich in Germany, stayed couple of days in French part of Swiss, like La-Faux de Fon, spent time in a German part of Swiss, like Basel, Bern, Zurich and Schafhausen, plus a few more days enjoying country-side.

This holiday, I'm planning a trip to some Scandinavian country, like Netherland for example. I'll be damned if the money I've spent on traveling did not make me happier at least ten times. It really did.

10 days available, and at least two of them will be spent in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Another two will be used to figure out where will I leave for. Rest of the days enjoying the world, whichever place I choose.

What then

Indeed, holidays does not last forever, but I love it that way. Cause you are there working 40+ hours a week, then suddnedly, the joy of peaceful mind. No tasks, no issues, no support tickets, no side-projects (okay, a bit of that one, I guess), no cellphone ringing. It's just me & wonderfull free days to spend on whatever I want. Missed that, so here they are.

Should I worry about the future? Yes, quite some. I have a few courts waiting for me which is fucked up, I know, but who’m I kidding? I’m a thug ‘til I die; I’m a rider, mane.

But I won't.

Once I come back, I'll continue working on infrastructural design and microservice architecture for the company. The joy of working greatly increased with a new epic task around our project.

So yes, I'm looking forward to come back to work. But until then ...


Also, happy Eid. These who know me are sure I'm not celebrating anything, ever. Except my successes. But, happy eid to all muslims around the globe, celebrating this beautiful day.

Good luck to you too, be strong, be passionate and love the days, cause you aren't living forever.