positiveisgreaterpower night

Dark matters

I'm wondering sometimes, how my approach affects other. In what sense do they think of me. Why? It's not constantly ; but just sometimes, it hitin the middle of nathing.

I welcome positivity and everything it comes with it, whomever you feel like your minutes are appreciated.

It's not a "person" thing

Your brain is doing this, and we know ourself too much. Thats what is fascinating to me. You feel like in power, or your predictions are true. Remember the thing you really, really wanted? It may be a small, or something more luxurious. You got it?

If it makes difference; you are constantly doing this. You do not know it. It's in a different region of where the signal is being processed. So move forward, and yall get it.

Could be anything

Either pause or plus. If you give something, or tryn quite, it rewards. And it rewards really nice. -

Eh, there it ends. And the prayers are fair.


Truly sorry for not writing all these times. Or wait, writing.. oh yes, I do remember doing something like that.

Not worth mentioning, or couldn't possibly tell. But I appreciate the moments again. Reminder to thank everyone from the past who di'good.



hey, btw. here is an image of six puppies :)))))

Here is an image of six puppies